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Your step-by-step guide to moving to Sweden

You’ve found a job and obtained a work permit: congratulations! Here's everything you need to think about before getting on the plane – and after you arrive.

1 Find a home

A city centre flat or a country farmhouse? Get started on finding a home as soon as possible, especially if you’ll be living in a big city like Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö.

2 Arrange daycare or school

Investigate the different options available and get in touch with your local city council to begin the enrolment procedures for your children.

3 Start learning Swedish

Even if you’ll be speaking English at your workplace, a basic understanding of Swedish will be invaluable to you in order to integrate into Swedish society. Get started early!

4 Bringing a pet?

Check current regulations for bringing animals to Sweden to ensure your four-legged friend’s migration process goes as smoothly as your own.

5 Bringing your things

Check with Swedish Customs if you’re unsure of the rules regarding bringing a specific item with you – particularly food, medicine, tobacco, alcohol, vehicles and anything very expensive.

6 Check driving licence regulations

If you’re planning to drive a car in Sweden, check up on whether you can use your current licence or if you’ll need a new one. Familiarise yourself with Swedish road rules, signs and parking regulations.

7 Apply for a visa to enter Sweden (Non-EU only)

Citizens of certain non-EU countries will need a visa to enter Sweden. If your country is on the list, contact your nearest Swedish embassy or consulate to learn more and apply.

8 Prepare your documentation

Make sure to bring all official documentation for you and your family with you when travelling to Sweden, including identity documents, any residence permit cards and any official documents from the Migration Board.

You've arrived in Sweden: Welcome!

Take a few days to get settled, explore your new home and meet the neighbours. Once the jet lag starts to taper off and you're saying hej! like a local, get started on these next steps.

9 Register your right of residence (EU only)

If you’re an EU citizen, register your right of residence at the Swedish Migration Board within three months of your arrival.

10 Register for your residence permit card (Non-EU only)

Citizens of non-EU countries who do not require a visa to enter Sweden will apply for a residence permit card after entering Sweden. Visit the Migration Board details.

11 Register at the Swedish Tax Agency

Your golden ticket to all aspects of life in Sweden is the personal identity number you’ll receive from the Swedish Tax Agency after arriving and registering. Make your visit as soon as possible to expedite the process.

12 Open a bank account

A Swedish bank account is a must: many day-to-day transactions take place through simple online bank transfers, and you’ll usually have your salary paid by direct deposit.

13 Register at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Register with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency to have access to various benefits.

14 Set up utilities and insurance

Depending on your form of housing, you may need to arrange heating, electricity, telephone service, internet and television. Home contents insurance can also be a good idea. Check with your landlord to find out what applies in your case.

15 Sign up for Swedish courses

Once you have a personal identity number, you can sign up for free Swedish courses arranged by the government: SFI. Some larger employers also offer Swedish lessons for new international employees.

16 Join a union

Though this step is entirely voluntary, there are many benefits to joining a union in both the short and long term.

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