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Work permits

Rules and regulations for moving to Sweden for work from anywhere in the world.

The rules for moving to Sweden for work vary depending on your country of citizenship. Common to all workers staying longer than six months is that after you fulfil any requirements and have any applications approved, you can bring your family with you to Sweden, and they can begin to study or work right away.

Most citizens of non-EU countries will need to apply for a work permit in Sweden after receiving an official offer of employment. After selecting your category below, you’ll find full details on the application process for citizens of your country. This usually entails submitting an official offer of employment signed by your future employer and a relevant trade union as well as an official application form and application fee. Work permits for non-EU citizens are initially limited to the specific job for which you have received the permit and must be applied for and obtained before entering Sweden.

EU, Nordic and Swiss citizens will be able to come to Sweden without applying for a work or residence permit in advance. Depending on your country of citizenship, you’ll register your right of residence or apply for a residence permit after arriving in Sweden. EU, Nordic and Swiss citizens can change jobs in Sweden without needing to re-register.

Select your country group below for the rules and regulations that apply to you. Please note that the information on these pages is general and based on your country of citizenship. If you are a long-term resident in an EU country where you are not a citizen, please visit the Migration Board’s website for regulations.

If you are moving to Sweden to join a family member already legally living in Sweden, visit the Migration Board’s website to learn about the rules for applying for a general residence permit in Sweden based on family ties.